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10 wildly popular animal Twitter accounts

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Popular creatures of social habit turn clever tweets into entertainment



Find out which animal prances around with unapologetic divatude (hint: it’s not a dog), which rodent only has to blink to get 100+ thousand followers and which feline boasts DNA made of ‘magic space particles’. They may look like just a bunch of pets, but the animal Twitter accounts below rack up over 1.9 million followers. Let’s hope the humans controlling these profiles take their internet security as seriously as they do their growing fan base. (Social media accounts with huge networks are a hacker’s dream.)


Sockington – @Sockington (1.36M fans)



Some say Sockington the cat is the ultimate star of animal Twitter feeds. His adoring fans tune in for tweets of his latest hunger-inspired performances. It’s true the feline thespian has a flair for the dramatic, often acting dumb when a ‘mysterious’ disturbance befalls his residence. (Sockington has no idea how those books fell off the desk, onto the floor.) He’s high maintenance and stingy with compliments, calling his humans ‘Fatty’ and ‘Food Lady’. But you’d expect nothing less from a diva.


Bronx Zoo Cobra – @BronxZoosCobra (177K fans)



Bronx Zoo Cobra (BZC) hit the Twitter scene when she went AWOL in 2011. Her first order of business was to start tweeting, as runaway Egyptian Cobras are wont to do. Sadly, the snake’s joyslither was short lived. After a week, she was returned to the zoo’s reptile house. BZC may have lost her freedom, but she never lost her will to tweet. She covers a wide array of topics ranging from pop culture (she’s over Kim and Kanye), to dating advice (we humans need her help) to regaining her fugitive status (outlook unlikely).


Grumpy Cat – @RealGrumpyCat (137K fans)



Grumpy Cat is a study in inverse relationships. Her permanent scowl fills us with joy. Her demotivational messages (‘I had fun once; it was awful) spread sunshine and rainbows. And her unshakable apathy reminds us the world is a wondrous place. We love the furry curmudgeon because she knows just how to turn our inner-grump’s frown upside down.


Common Squirrel – @common_squirrel (101K fans)



In many ways Common Squirrel lives up to his name. He does what common squirrels do, as evidenced by his tweets. There’s a lot of digging, staring, running and scratching going on. What’s uncommon, though, is the level of devotion heaped onto this little tree-dwelling rodent. He has over 100,000 followers who faithfully retweet his every blink.


SteetCat Bob – @StreetCatBob (51k fans)



StreetCat Bob doesn’t manage his Twitter feed, his human James Bowen does that for him. But with over 50,000 followers, he’s worth mentioning. The ginger cat and young man adopted each other after Bowen took him in to nurse an infected wound. Bob returned the favour by being a faithful presence during Bowen’s drug recovery. Since then the power couple have become Sunday Times best selling authors with four books to their names.


Lil Bub – @IAMLILBUB (35.8K fans)



You can just look at this tiny pink-tongued purr machine and guess he’s not of this world. According to Lil Bub, he’s made of “magic space particles densely saturated in love, heroism, eternity and goosebumps”. Bub further distinguishes himself from his earthly contemporaries with his sweet nature and genuine appreciation for humans. Sockington could learn a thing or two from this cosmic Zen kitty.


Maggie – @maggiemay_hem (26.7K fans)



Maggie is a deer-chasing border terrier living the dream in Sussex. And while barking is her birthright, tweeting is her gift. Some may think it unfair that her best mate and fellow terrier, Rusty, doesn’t get to share his thoughts in a public forum. But he doesn’t seem to mind. Maggie has enough social pull for the both of them.


Pembrook – @ericasfish (7.8K fans)



Robert Jove Merton was the original inspiration behind this Twitter profile. Then tragedy struck, and poor Merty was sent to the big aquarium in the sky. Pembrook, Erica’s fish 2.0, continued Merton’s legacy and never let the fans down. Snarky, wry and a lover of Proust, he entertained followers with his open contempt for both the cat and the human who shared his space. The feed’s been quiet since 2011, but fingers crossed Pem’s still living the life aquatic


Toaster – @ToasterPup (4.9K fans)



Think of Toaster as the anti-Grumpy Cat. People are drawn to the labradoodle’s playful spirit, appreciating the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Though his language is a bit colourful, his age should be taken into account. Any dog who’s 27-years-old dog (if you go by the canine calendar) is going to test the limits of polite discourse. If you’re not a fan of this fuzzy pup yet, consider clicking the Follow button for this one critical reason: Toaster wears sunglasses. And everyone knows that sunglasses on a dog is never not funny.


Clyde the Turtle – @ClydetheTurtle (3.5K fans)



Clyde is the hardest working box turtle in show business. He has a recurrent role on the American TV program Elementary in which he plays Sherlock Holmes’ trusty paperweight. His tweets are subdued compared to other animal twitter accounts on this list, yet loyal fans can’t get enough of him. Twitter talk revolves around hopes of Clyde getting more airtime or a spinoff series in the near future.


How to continue tweeting as carefree as these creatures

Keep in mind: What works for these animals won’t work for you. The last thing you want is another human controlling your Twitter account. Make it easy on yourself; use internet security and mobile device protection that manages your social media privacy. That way you can retweet and follow your favourite profiles wherever you are, without getting your identity snatched.

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