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10 Facebook privacy settings tips for intelligent people

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Find out if you’re you smarter than your default settings



After you tinker with your privacy settings, the question remains whether you’ve selected the right permissions for the strongest protection.

Below are 10 great tips to immediately sort out any potential Facebook privacy issues. And if you’re looking for a little extra help from an app, try this tool that scans your account. It singles out dodgy settings that could be putting your identity in jeopardy.

1. How to control who can see my photos on Facebook


    1. Click the Photos link on your timeline
    2. Select Albums
    3. Click the audience selector tool (two silhouettes of people).

Quick note: Profile pics will always remain public. If you want to make one private, your only choice is to delete it.


2. How to hide my Facebook online chat status


    1. Click the gear button located on right side of the chat bar – located in the bottom-right corner of the page.
    2. Select Advanced Settings; from here, you can hide your online presence from individuals to everyone.


3. How to turn off the Facebook “Message Seen” option in chat

Maybe you’re still deciding whether you should go to Aunt Agnes’ for a Sunday roast, and you don’t want her to know you’ve seen the messaged invite.

Apps and extensions have been created to remove the telltale ‘Seen’ from your chats. Here are a few tools you can use to protect your privacy (and your weekends):

Unseen: Check your messages in stealth mode with this Facebook app.

Facebook ChatTM Privacy: An extension with great reviews, it disables both ‘Seen’ and ‘is typing’ messages.

Android: Privy Chat, free
iOS: Unread, free


4. How to block who can see me on Facebook


    1. Click the dropdown-menu arrow (upper-right corner of the page, next to the lock icon).
    2. Select Settings, then Blocking
    3. Add the name or email of the person you want banished from your Facebook kingdom.


5. How to find out if someone else is logging into my Facebook account


    1. Open your account’s General Settings.
    2. Select Security in the left column.
    3. To the right of Login Notifications, click Edit.
    4. Choose either Email or SMS for notification.


6. How to manage your Facebook messages


    1. Go into General Account Settings, select Privacy on the left.
    2. Next to ‘Whose messages do I want in my Inbox’, click Edit.
    3. Pick either Basic or Strict Filtering.

Strict Filtering places any message sent by someone other than a friend in the Other folder (located to the right of your Inbox in Messages).


7. How to control who can see my Facebook timeline, tagged posts and more…

In General Account Settings, the Privacy, Timeline and Tagging, and Blocking buttons connect you with. Here’s a quick overview of what you can manage through these


  • Who can see your content.
  • Who can contact you.
  • Who can find you.


Timeline and Tagging

  • Who can add content to your timeline.
  • Who can see your timeline.
  • How you can monitor tags created by other users.



  • Restricted List: Friends added to this list can only see posts that you’ve made public. And they never receive a notice, so they’re none the wiser.
  • Block users from reaching out to you (restrictions don’t apply if you both belong to the same Facebook group).
  • Block apps and invites from apps and events.


8. What does my Facebook timeline look like to the public or a specific person?

This cool feature adds an extra level of oversight to when you’re revamping your Facebook privacy settings:


    1. In your General Settings, click Timeline and Tagging
    2. Select View As in the ‘Who can see things on my timeline?’ section.


On the next page you can see what your timeline looks like to the public or to a friend in your network.


9. How do I control who can see my Facebook status updates


    1. Click the dropdown button labelled Friends on the bottom-right side of the post window.
    2. Based on your preferences, choose Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom or a list you’ve created.


10. How to hide posts on my Facebook timeline


    1. Click the downward arrow in the upper-right corner of the post window.
    2. Select Hide from Timeline.


Are there any Facebook privacy shortcuts I can take?


Cutting corners with your online privacy is never a good idea; however, there are two things you can do to save yourself a few clicks and avoid a truckload of Facebook privacy problems:


    1. Click the lock located to the right of the world icon in the blue navigation bar. From here, you can get to business on securing your privacy without going into your settings:



    2. Protect yourself with an internet security solution that focuses on your identity when you don’t have the time. Online privacy is one of the last things you want to worry about when life gets hectic. And with Facebook privacy changes as frequent as they are, especially permissions updates, it’s comforting to know that you've got a safety net to catch any settings changes you miss.


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