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Keep ransomware and other threats out of Office 365

Cloud App Security blocked over 2 million malicious files and URLs from Microsoft® Office 365™ by extending the included Office 365 security with advanced detection techniques to find ransomware, unknown malware, and links leading to malicious sites.

Say NO to ransomware
Over 100 million threats blocked and counting

Protect yourself

Communicate and collaborate more confidently in the cloud

Enhance the security of Office 365 and other cloud services by leveraging sandbox malware analysis for ransomware and other advanced threats. Why do you need more security for Office 365? The security included with it filters known antivirus threats, but 90% of today’s malware will only infect one device and is “unknown” to traditional antivirus techniques.

Every organization needs to protect itself against unknown threats, including ransomware. With Cloud App Security, you get enhanced protection without complications.


Proven protection from unknown malware, including ransomware, with over 2 million threats blocked and counting

  • Uncovers ransomware and other malware in office files: Uses document exploit detection to find hidden malware inside common office file formats like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as was seen in 60% of targeted attacks.
  • Discovers unknown malware using pattern-less technologies: Top-rated Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ sandbox technology uses behavioral analysis to detect unknown malware and shares intelligence learned during analysis with other security layers. Pre-filter sandbox technology avoids unnecessary delays.
  • Blocks URLs leading to malware: Uses massive threat intelligence from the Smart Protection Network to find malicious URLs in both the message body and within email attachments – a common technique of new ransomware.
  • Detects attacks already in progress: Unlike email gateways that only scan inbound/outbound email, Cloud App Security also scans internal email to discover criminal attempts to use email to migrate within your organization from already compromised user accounts or devices.
  • Threat intelligence helps guard against the next attack: Reports on sandbox malware analysis show the step-by-step activity of the malware, including network activity and file identifiers. Exports lists of command and control (C&C) server locations to Trend Micro and third party security layers to prevent subsequent attacks from the same criminal groups.


Protect file sharing from threats and data loss

  • Controls sensitive data usage: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive uses over 200 pre-built and customizable compliance templates to control sharing of controlled data.
  • Protects file sharing from malware: Scans files shared from remote workers, partners, and mobile devices to ensure threats don’t migrate through cloud file sharing services.


Simple integration preserves all functionality

  • Direct cloud-to-cloud integration: Uses API’s to enhance protection without complications.
  • Sets up quickly and automatically: API integration requires no software to install, no user setting changes, no proxy to deploy, and no MX record to change. The automatic setup takes only five minutes for a small business, and a few hours for a large enterprise.
  • No loss of functionality: Preserves all user and administrative features and functions
  • Expert protection for Microsoft systems: Trend Micro has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for 20 years and brings extensive experience in protecting on-premises email and collaboration systems to the cloud.


Migrating to Office 365? Osterman Research explains how to do it right:


System requirements

Cloud applications Details
Office 365 Office 365 Education, Business, or Enterprise
Box Box Business and Enterprise
Dropbox Dropbox Business
Google Apps for Work Supports Google Drive within Google Apps for Work. (Trend MicroTM Hosted Email Security can provide additional email protection)

Web browser for administration: current or previous version of Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

Complete user protection

Cloud App Security is now part of the Trend MicroTM Smart Protection Complete Suite. This connected, multilayered security suite protects your users and their data regardless of what device they use or where they are working. The Smart Protection Complete Suite combines the broadest range of endpoint and mobile threat protection capabilities with multiple layers of email, collaboration, and gateway security. And it enables you to manage users across multiple threat vectors from a single management console that gives you complete user-based visibility into the security of your environment.

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