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Enterprise Security for Gateways

Protect your network perimeter with web and messaging security

Enterprise Security for Gateways

Deliver gateway security that stops threats before they can impact your business

Email and web threats are designed to enter your network and steal data and resources. They enter your enterprise with spam that contains malicious links to malware, links to fraudulent websites, and links to compromised sites. The gateway is the most effective place to block these attacks. Enterprise Security for Gateways integrates virtualized web and messaging security to provide a unified front at the network perimeter to protect your business.

Enterprise Security for Gateways consolidates your web and email security into a single virtualized solution that delivers a unified, multi-threat defense at your network perimeter—keeping malware, malicious links, and unwanted content out. Deployed as software virtual appliances, this gateway suite supports data center consolidation, streamlines administration, and consumes fewer resources. Learn how Enterprise Security for Gateways unifies multilayered, multi-threat protection to provide you with superior gateway protection while saving your time and money.

Messaging security

InterScan Messaging Security 
Protect your email gateway with powerful software or an integrated hybrid solution which combines the privacy and control of an on-premise virtual appliance with the proactive protection of an optional cloud-based pre-filter to stop the majority of email threats and spam in the cloud.

Web security

InterScan Web Security 
Stop web threats with a software virtual appliance for gateway web security that features application control, leading anti-malware, real-time web reputation, and flexible URL filtering for superior web threat protection.


Advanced Reporting and Management 
Gain unprecedented visibility into how the Internet is impacting your organization to help reduce your business’s exposure to non-business Internet use and increase your security posture against the latest web threats.

Maximizes your protection

Lower your risks with proactive threat protection

  • Stops spam, phishing, viruses, and unwanted email content
  • Ensures a safe web experience by blocking infected and inappropriate sites
  • Improves productivity with #1 rated antispam and web filtering
  • Blocks threats before they can enter your network with Smart Protection Network in-the-cloud threat intelligence for email, web, and file threat data
  • Supports regulatory compliance with inbound/outbound content filtering, anti-malware, and encryption with optional Data Privacy and Email Encryption Module

Lowers costs

Get the most out of your IT staff and infrastructure

  • Reduces enterprises costs 48-54% with virtual security appliances.
  • Lowers TCO with embedded hardened Linux OS that’s deployed, patched, and maintained as a unit
  • Increases utilization rates of existing servers, reducing sprawl and energy costs.
  • Optimizes performance and streamlines management with VMware Ready appliances
  • Supports heterogeneous hardware deployments on preferred hardware

Provides visibility

Get real-time visibility of current web activity with the Advanced Reporting and Management Module

  • Monitors, manages, and secures your organization’s Internet usage through a single console
  • Centralizes the logging, reporting, and management across multiple InterScan Web Security servers
  • Standardizes security policies with policy and configuration replication and synchronization
  • Improves security by enabling on-the-spot remediation of risky web activity
  • Supports compliance and speed audits with comprehensive reports across the organization—over 50 standard reports and custom report capability

When you choose Enterprise Security for Gateways for your messaging and web security solution, you get superior protection to block threats from entering your network while protecting your inbound and outbound data.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network 
Block threats before they can enter your network with Smart Protection Network cloud-based security that provides global threat intelligence for both on-premise and hosted security by correlating for email, web, and file threat data.

Protection proven by independent tests 
Trend Micro security consistently dominates real-world benchmark testing—securing No. 1 ratings in independent tests from NSS labs, Dennis Technology, and

No. 1 in spam detection and prevention (PDF) 
According to Opus One comparison tests, Trend Micro solutions came out on top in spam detection.

Easy-to-use email encryption 
In this flash demo you’ll see how Trend Micro’s policy-based encryption protects your data and eliminates the management burden of PKI technology. Data Privacy and Email Encryption Module is an optional purchase.

Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Gateways stops email, web, and blended attacks at the network perimeter. You can also extend gateway protection with optional add-on security to support the needs of your messaging and web environment.

Support compliance and data privacy

Data Privacy and Email Encryption Module for InterScan Messaging Security
Provides data protection and email encryption at the email gateway.

Other messaging security

ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange
Delivers mail server security protecting against spam, malware, and other email threats on Microsoft Exchange.

ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino
Delivers mail server security protecting against spam, malware, and other email threats on IBM Domino.

Email Encryption
Encrypts email for hosted, gateway, and endpoint email solutions.

Collaboration security

Secures SharePoint collaborations against malware, malicious links, and other threats, and includes data loss prevention.

IM Security
Safegards Microsoft Lync and Office Communication Server by stopping a wide range of threats.

Network security

Deep Discovery
Enables network-wide protection from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other targeted attacks.

Enterprise Security for Gateways supports a wide variety of enterprise environments. To view system requirements for specific suite components, click on the desired product:


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