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Trend Micro™ Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

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Empower your mobile workforce with secure virtual mobile infrastructure

Safe Mobile Workforce

Ensure the confidentiality of your corporate data and personal privacy with Trend Micro™ Virtual Mobile Infrastructure. It gives your employees a secure, nonintrusive, and centrally managed virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) designed specifically for their devices.

Why Trend Micro Trend Micro™ Virtual Mobile Infrastructure?

  • Enterprise data protection and accessibility. Prevent the exposure of critical company data on employee devices by creating a safe workspace that lets employees securely access and modify files without storing them.
  • Effective management and compliance. Keep up with the requirements of consumerization and compliance through easy management of updates, apps, and user profiles.
  • Employee satisfaction and productivity. Grant your employees the freedom to use their own devices for work while assuring their personal privacy.

How it works

Administrators can centrally configure and deploy several mobile workspaces to all of their corporate users via a central dashboard. No user intervention is required for updates, including those for in-house and third-party apps. Employees can download the solution client in app stores and install it on their iOS, Android™, or Windows® device.

Key benefits

  • Prevents data leaks or loss by keeping enterprise apps and data within the workspace and storing them on secure servers, not on employee devices
  • Improves employee satisfaction, productivity, and compliance by enabling remote access to resources without affecting or restricting personal use of the same device
  • Reduces in-house app development efforts with support for multiple mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows mobile


  • Enables IT to update installed apps and manage profiles without user intervention via a centrally managed console
  • Runs seamlessly with other existing mobile device management solutions
  • Only requires a single sign-on for exchange service, corporate in-house, and third-party apps
  • Lets administrators easily scale Trend Micro™ Virtual Mobile Infrastructure servers or secure accesses to handle fluctuations in loading

Competitive Advantage

Containerization App
Trend Micro™ Virtual Mobile Infrastructure
Independent of policy enforcement   x x x x x
Unaffected by device and OS vulnerabilities         x x
Data is not compromised         x x
Ensures zero footprint on employee devices         x x
Application Support
Supports all third-party apps  x
   x x
(Windows only)
App updates are seamless and automatic         x x
Allows complete management and analysis of apps         x x
User Experience
Does not invade user privacy   x x x  x x
Provides native mobile user experience x x x x   x
Device Support
Standalone solution (device agnostic)         x x

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